About Us



Since 1984, Essi Acoustical Products Company has created custom-built architectural acoustical panels. We have provided sound reduction products for Imax theaters (PGA Hall of Fame, Augusta Florida), as well as, mid-sized performing arts theaters (Carmel Performing Arts, Carmel Indiana). From the largest educational (Ohio State University) institutions to a smaller local school’s instrumental, chorus and vocal classroom, Essi has the correct range of noise reduction materials to deal with any interior environment to ensure it meets the requirements needed for its intended usage. Addtionally, our waterproof baffles are a great choice for animal noise reduction in veterinary offices and kennels. Offering wall absorbers and diffusers along with ceiling absorbers, diffusers and reflectors ensures that we provide the correct tools to control noise. Because Essi Acoustical Products is a custom fabricator, all products are available in a virtually endless range of finishes. From standard white gel coat on diffusers and reflectors, to paintable gel coat, coordination with any interior space is seamless. Industry standard fabrics and high end textiles are also available on wall and ceiling absorbers.

ESSI Silentspace® provides both quiet and beautiful sound design with diverse wall and ceiling treatments that meet your exacting requirements. Utilizing the effects of shape, pattern, color and finish, Silentspace treatments create the mood you want. By offering you up to 100% absorption of room noise, Silentspace is the sound proofing system you are looking for.